We deliver solutions that work

  1. With our experience, we perceive issues in a comprehensive way and we connect all links within the context.
  2. Thanks to our strong legal background, we design solutions that automatically comply with the law and regulation. For us, lawyers are accelerators, not blockers.
  3. We like quick and tangible results. We enjoy it when things get done apace and the time is not being wasted. Also, don't expect long, pretentious presentations from us.
  4. Insurance is simply our passion. We believe that one can always tell, if things have been done with joy.

35 years

This is for how long we have been gaining experience within the insurance industry, and we are enjoying it more and more!

7 countries

Austria, Czechia, Hungary, Ireland, Poland,  Slovakia and the United Kingdom - are the countries where we helped develop new insurance business opportunities. We also participated in projects in Germany, Russia and the USA. 

500 contracts

We have been involved in designing and launching over 500 products and contracts (B2C, B2B and B2B2C). We have helped our clients to grow and significantly improve  their bottom line profitability.